Apps World North America in San Fransisco February 7th and 8th.

Are you an up and coming developer looking to polish and hone your skill developing apps?  Or just wanting to freshen up your understanding of the different means of creating a killer app?  Then clear your calendar and make sure that you attend Apps World North America. The event is occurring February 7th and 8th in San Fransisco and is jam packed full of exciting and new ways to make and develop apps. There will be over 5000 developers, industry professionals, and mobile marketers that will be partaking in 1 on 1 meetings with people as well as discussing the new upcoming  HTML5 as well as discussing Developer Zone and Enterprise App Zone.

There will be different tiers of registration depending on what you are interested in and what your individual needs are.  As with all events there are early bird specials so if you want to save a few bucks you might want to jump on registration now.

If you are interested in Apps World North America you can find out more information at this link.