Leaked T-Mobile Roadmap Shows Release Date For The “BlackBerry Lisbon”

For all you T-Mobile BlackBerry lovers out there, we have some news for you today.  A leaked T-Mobile roadmap has given us what looks to be the release date for the “Blackberry Lisbon” (better known as the BlackBerry Z10) on the network.  Now sadly that date is March 27th, as I am sure most of you were hoping for a February release date, however just because that date is on the roadmap it does not mean it is set in stone.

Hopefully the heavens will align and the BlackBerry Z10 will launch prior to March 27th on T-Mobile.  How many of our T-Mobile readers are planing on getting a BlackBerry Z10?  Are you waiting to see what the other 5 BB10 devices are going to be?  Let us know in the comments.


  • Not surprisingly coming from T mobile, a projection date..