Closer Look into the QNX Bentley Shows off BB10 Browser and BB10 Keyboard @ CES2013

There’s been a great deal of speculation around QNX in automotive and what that means for BlackBerry. RIM is playing it well in my opinion. No, we aren’t going to see any ‘BlackBerry’ branded infotainment systems in cars. The Car 2 Platform is licensed to Car OEMs like Mercedes, Toyota, Chevy, BMW, (trust me the list is extensive). And they build their own systems tailored to their cars. See: mBrace2, Toyota Entune, Chevy MyLink, and so many others. QNX shipped in over 7 million vehicles last year. That’s a lot of cars. While we won’t likely see any major BlackBerry branding the BB10 platform is the same code being used in these infotainment systems. That being saidRIM struck out to build their BB10 browser using web technologies so they could license it along with the Car 2 Platform (which is based in HTML5). At CES2013 the Verge got to sit in the Bentley GT and explore some of it’s awesome features. Interestingly, QNX shows of the BB10 Browser and BB10 Keyboard baked right into the infotainment center. Which goes to show that BlackBerry will still have a stamp in these cars blending the UI from their phones into the Car 2 platform. Here’s a picture below:


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