Telmap drops support for all BlackBerry non-touch devices

Telmap, developers of Telmap Navigator and M8 for BlackBerry smartphones, have announced that they will be dropping support for all non-touch BlackBerry smartphones.

Unfortunately some of you (blackberry users) are experiencing network problems and downloading problems from our web site.

Unfortunately, due to some technical issues we will no longer support Blackberry devices on the Telmap User Group and for Android users, we will limit the number of countries supported and increase it gradually.. we will post an updated list of supported countries (for Android) tomorrow.

Originally, it was thought that they were dropping support for BlackBerry completely but TelMap have confirmed to RapidBerry that this is not the case.

To clarify, we are no longer supporting non-touch BB devices.  M8 for BB touch devices is still available for Free in the UK & Spain (visit for download)  – M8 for Android is available on the beta website for Israel, US, UK, Spain and Germany.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Source: RapidBerry

  • with Blackberry Navigator do we really any other NAVI app. i have been using the beta for couple days and its great. still needs just a little tweaking and it will be the only MAV app i will need. so by to Telmaps by to Magellan Compass.