**UPDATE** WhatsApp Updated To v2.9.653 – No Longer Shows Lifetime Free Service

**UPDATE** BerryReview received the following message from WhatsApp:

The service model for WhatsApp on BlackBerry has not recently changed.  Version 2.9.571 had bug which caused it to incorrectly display “lifetime service” in place of the correct service expiration date.  This bug has since been fixed, and version 2.9.653 has been posted.

This bug only affects the display of the expiration date in the client, not the actual expiration date of the account.

It seems that the folks over at WhatsApp made a slight error when they pushed out the update to version 2.6.571.  In that version it was showing that BlackBerry users were receiving a free lifetime service from WhatsApp, so obviously we were intrigued as to what this meant.  It seems that it was merely an error, as WhatsApp has now updated their app to version 2.9.653 and the free lifetime service has been removed.

There is no word yet on whether or not this was a pre-emptive release of something WhatsApp is working.  Hopefully we will see WhatsApp on BlackBerry 10 as there has been much debate as to whether or not the developers will bring their very popular cross-platform messenger to the new BlackBerry operating system.


Download WhatsApp for BlackBerry v2.9.653