BlackBerry Messenger v7.0.0.130 Now Available In the Beta Zone – Adds OS 5 Support

Research In Motion has released a new beta in the BlackBerry Beta Zone for BBM. This update to version adds support for OS 5 devices. BBM 7.0 now gives you the freedom to chat with your friends the way you want. Seamlessly switch from a BBM conversation to a BBM Voice chat and talk to your friends, virtually wherever they are in the world, for free1 over Wi-Fi.  Stay in touch like never before with BlackBerry® Messenger. Hit the break to find out what’s new.

What’s new with BBM 7.0.1?

  • Support for devices running OS 5.0
  • Faster call setup for BBM Voice sessions
  • Improved device accessory handling (Bluetooth and headset integration)
  • BBID setup and integration improvements

Known issues:

  • Incorrect application version, instead of 7.0.1.x

BBM Voice – Technical Requirements

BBM Voice is compatible with the most common personal/home WiFi network configurations. To initiate a BBM Voice chat simply connect to a WiFi access point, and from within any BBM chat, tap the BBM Voice icon or press your phone hard key whenever your contact shows available.

If you are experiencing difficulty making or receiving BBM Voice chats a firewall maybe in place. Firewalls add an additional level of security to your connection by permitting and denying network traffic between devices on the internal network and the internet. BBM Voice uses the following ports and porting forwarding must be enabled for the application to work on a traffic restricted network:

• 443 (TCP)
• 3478 (UDP)
• 62148 to 62169 (UDP)
BBM Voice also communicates with the following addresses; therefore, they need to be white-listed:


For guidance on how to setup port forwarding, please contact your network administrator or refer to the documentation included with your router, firewall, or security software.

Head on over to the BlackBerry Beta Zone for the update.