BlackBerry Theme Studio Version 7.1 Beta Leaked, And Promptly Taken Down By RIM

I am a huge fan of BlackBerry themes, it is one of the main reasons I stayed with BlackBerry.  The ability to customize your device was a drawing factor that many other platforms did not have.  Obviously when RIM announced that they would not in fact be supporting BlackBerry 7 devices with a Theme Studio I was very sad for not only the users, but also theme developers out there that made a living from BlackBerry.


While lucky for us the guys over at BlackBerryOS got their hands on the BlackBerry Theme Studio Version 7.1 Beta and have decided to release it to the masses.  While BlackBerry 10 is right around the corner, hopefully we see some new themes for our BlackBerry 7 devices in the next few weeks to hold us over.  Here is what BBOS had to say about releasing the software,

Keep in mind, this 7.1 Beta version has it’s fair share of bugs. That’s not to say you won’t be able to create a working BlackBerry 7 theme for your device. It just won’t be bug free.

BlackBerry Theme Builder 7.1 supports most of the OS 7 devices out there, which include models; 9981, 9930/9900, 9860/9850, 9810, 9790, 9380, 9360/9350, 9320/9220, and 9310. You can also export the theme for OS 7.0 or OS 7.1 compatibility.

I wasn’t going to release this to the community. But after some thought, and with BlackBerry 10 not that far away, now is the right time. Furthermore, if this gets RIM to finally finish off the software to a more complete state and release it like they originally promised, then I succeeded to help the theme dev community.

Now unfortunately RIM has asked BBOS to take down the download link, but I am sure that some theme developers managed to get their hands on it before that happened.  Hopefully we will start to see some new BB7 themes very, very soon.