Kitchener And Waterloo To Hold Skating Parties To Celebrate BlackBerry 10 Launch

The Skating parties are scheduled for Jan. 30, which coincides with BlackBerry 10 day.The skating will occur on the rinks in front of Kitchener City Hall and in Waterloo Town Square. There will be banners hanging in King Street in downtown Waterloo and a section of University Avenue.

RIM also wants to hold a skating party in the City of Cambridge but are still working out the details on that.

“RIM is grateful for the support of the community and is working on plans to celebrate the launch of BlackBerry 10,” Renata Rusiniak, manager of community relations, said in an email Monday night.

“On the evening of January 30, community members can join us for a family skate in Waterloo Public Square and Kitchener City Hall for free hot chocolate and cookies,” Rusiniak said. “It’s our way of saying thank you to loyal BlackBerry supporters in our own backyard.”

“We wanted to make sure that as we get to BlackBerry 10 we properly thank the community here, and properly recognize the support for us as we’ve gone through the transition and managed to get BlackBerry 10 ready,” Manning said.

RIM spokesperson Nick Manning was interviewed and said that about the reason for the parties.

Via: The Record