Skype Icons Extracted from the last Dev Alpha Update!

I have been asked this question a lot since Research In Motion announced BlackBerry 10, will BlackBerry 10 support Skype? Well the answer could lay right in the last update for the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha… Nothing has been said officially, but from the icons that were extracted from the last Dev Alpha update the answer seems to be YES!
Now I have been hearing from multiple sources that yes BlackBerry 10 will have a Skype application, now that’s not saying if it will be an Android port or a native app. You be the judge and let us know what you think in the comments.


Source: bbvietnam

  • anonymous

    who are your sources? Even though it does seem like there will be some functionality integrated in the OS, I am still a little sceptical on whether it will have video calling Did your sources tell you if it will have video calling and I thought the android port did not work because it used native android.

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