Suspected BlackBerry Z10 Dimensions And Weight

There have been a ton of leaks of the BlackBerry Z10, we have seen rumors about release dates and specs. On aspect of the device that hasn’t gotten a ton of coverage is the weight and dimensions of the device.  The good news is that the weight of the Z10 looks to be only slightly more than the Bold 9900.

According to a Telekom-Presse article the weight and dimensions are,

BlackBerry Z10
Weight: 133g or 4.4 ounces
Dimensions: 129mm x 65mm x 8 mm or 5.07in x 2.56in x 0.31in

That puts the Z10 in line with other high-end smartphones like the Samsung GS3 (133g), the iPhone 5 (112g) and the Bold 9900 (130g).  Probably the most positive part of the Telekom-Presse article is the following statement regarding BlackBerry 10.

One straight away – the operating system BlackBerry 10 is the most modern and progressive, which will be starting in February on the market. Four simple gestures are enough to the Z10 fast, reliable and easy to operate smoothly than anything is what you find on the market so far.It recalls in this respect to Nokia’s MeeGo.

The performance is excellent, as you can convince yourself in the video below. Everything is running very smooth and soft.

Now we have no idea whether or not they were using final hardware and software, but at this point in the game it has got to be close.  With only 15 days left till the BlackBerry 10 launch, we are getting very anxious to get our hands on a Z10 and the BlackBerry 10 operating system.