Battery Life Of The BlackBerry Z10 (L-Series)

We have seen pretty much spec imaginable for the BlackBerry Z10 (L-Series) get leaked in the last little while, however battery life was one that had eluded everyone.  N4BB has recently got their hands on a full spec listing for the BlackBerry Z10 and it includes the battery life ratings for the device, and it includes some good news.

The BlackBerry Z10 L-Series will feature an L-S1 battery. This is the same battery used in theBlackBerry Dev Alpha B (essentially a ‘London’ in a different shell). The L-S1 battery is 1,800mAh. Here’s the details on battery life:

  • GSM Talk Time: 8 hrs, GSM Standby Time: 305 hrs
  • UMTS Talk Time: 10 hrs, UMTS Standby Time: 285 hrs
  • Audio Playback: 60 hrs, Video Playback: 10 hrs

Battery life has always been one of my major issues with the Bold 9900 and some more recent devices, so it nice to see that the Z10 is rated for battery life equivalent to the iPhone 5.  The Z10 is rated with better battery life than the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTC OneX, os it looks like we will be getting top of the field battery life.