French Firefighters Use BlackBerry Solution In Day-To-Day Operations

There is no doubt that BlackBerry is the popular choice amongst enterprise customers and government organizations.  A fire department in France has taken to using the BlackBerry Solution to help them cope with the day-to-day operations that a fire department encounters.  They are using a specialized application that was specifically designed for them, as well as relying deeply on BBM.

The department has been using BBM get in touch with both on duty members, as well as off duty employees if the circumstance calls for it.  The speed and security of BBM is a key reason  that they using it to communicate, as well as the fact that it is possible to tell if the message has been delivered/read.  Another reason BlackBerry has become the go-to device for the fire department is the Orange maps application, that includes free turn-by-turn, which of course is important when responding to an emergency.

It is great to see organizations like this one being highlighted by BlackBerry UK, as it shows that while many harp on the faults of BlackBerry it is still a platform that is preferred by many people.  We assume that this Northern France fire department will be making the upgrade to BlackBerry 10 in due time, as firefighters should have the latest and greatest.