No Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 Devices For Verizon

Developers applied for the Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 Devices to be used on Verizon but were declined. So RIM sent out an email to say that they weren’t getting them. But not the reason why. Hit the break to read the email from Research In Motion.


We want to start by saying thank you for you continued support and commitment to the BlackBerry 10 platform. The excitement around this launch, device and platform is palpable and we owe our developer community a debt of gratitude for that. In fact, that’s one reason we want to give the Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 smartphone to our developers.

I wanted to let you know that although you have applied to receive a BlackBerry 10 Limited Edition device, we are not able to offer the device from Verizon. Instead we will send you a 4G device.

Please note that Verizon is completely committed to launching BlackBerry 10 devices, but we are not able to order the Limited Edition devices at this time.

Thank you,
BlackBerry Developer Relations Team

As a developer myself, if i was on Verizon i would be a bit upset… Let us know what you think in the comments.

Thanks to @blkscorp33 for the info!