Marmalade Pre-Sales Engineer and Evangelist, Nick Smith, Gets Interviewed

Marmalade has put a ton of support and effort in to BlackBerry so it is great to see them show their support for BlackBerry as a whole. In a recent interview Marmalade Pre-Sales Engineer and Evangelist, Nick Smith sat down with Made With Marmalade for a great interview. Nick has supported the port-a-thon program organized by Research In Motion by helping developers working on building apps for BlackBerry, Hit the break for the interview.

Made With Marmalade: Nick, you’ve spent a lot of time over the last few months taking part in port-a-thons with RIM, helping developers get their apps onto BlackBerry World using Marmalade. What can you tell us about port-a-thons?
Nick Smith: A port-a-thon is like a 24 to 48-hour marathon online talk show for developers. We have a host taking questions through a live chat window on the site, plus experts who can help answer those questions from developers looking for help with anything to do with getting their apps onto the BlackBerry World store.

MWM: So what are the advantages of taking part in a port-a-thon for developers?
NS: Well, the chance to get tips and tricks directly from engineers like me means that we can help developers to unstick parts of their apps that might take time to figure out on their own. We’ve found this kind of event can really help to speed up the production and deployment of apps. Since we started this programme four months ago we’ve seen over 1,000 apps made with Marmalade delivered to BlackBerry World. Besides that, they really are great fun with plenty of incentives for people to take part, from cash prizes for submitting apps to sweepstakes for trips to the Game Developers’ Conference.

MWM: What was your experience of these port-a-thons?
NS: It’s always great to meet and hang out with members of our development community and show off some of the more fun and interesting features of Marmalade. These port-a-thons have been a great opportunity to do just that, and we’ve seen some great games being developed and approved through them – some users even sent us builds of their games to try out live during the event!

MWM: What effect do you think the port-a-thons have had on app development on BlackBerry?
NS: Having the port-a-thons as a focus has enabled developers to really speed up development and that’s reflected in the number of apps being made with Marmalade and deployed on BlackBerry devices. I think there’s been enormous benefit on all sides: we’ve had the chance to talk to our community and see what they’re using our tools for and our developers get uninterrupted access to our experience during the event.

MWM: Thanks Nick.

Via: Marmalade