Download links for all BlackBerry PlayBook and Dev Alpha OSes

So with the BlackBerry 10 OS coming in 2 short days and before we get busy sideloading our new devices you may want to upgrade and or downgrade your OS and finally all of them have been compounded on a list for you to download, from the OSBB team, that’s right all the BlackBerry PlayBook, PlayBook 4G, and Dev Alpha OSes have been uploaded.

All of these files have been uploaded to Mega if you choose to download these applications it seems that you must use chrome

I was able to download them with the newest version of Internet Explorer 10, available in Windows 8

Sorry for any inconvenience, but if you use Opera or Firefox, you may have to download Chrome

Note: If you are running OS2 on your BlackBerry PlayBook, you  generally CANNOT downgrade more than one OS revision and the most recent Dev Alpha OSes do not work on the BlackBerry PlayBook.


PlayBook OS1

PlayBook OS2 Betas

PlayBook OS2 Official

4G PlayBook

Dev Alpha

Dev Alpha Autoloaders

***Disclaimer***: These are leaked/official OSes and therefore may not certified by RIM or your carrier. If you are not comfortable loading a leaked OSes please do not attempt. If you do decide to load this OS make sure you have a current backup file saved. does not accept any responsibility for any damages or loss of data caused to your device.