Mashable Says BlackBerry 10 is Very Innovative

Mashable took a BlackBerry Z10 and showed it to 5 individuals that had never seen or used the BB10 OS or the phones associated with it.  This was as test to see how quickly these individuals would be able to familiarize themselves with the OS and be able to perform basic tasks. There were some issues with the people figuring out how to do basic tasks. 

BlackBerry 10 is unlike anything that is on the market right now. This can be a blessing and a curse for BlackBerry.  There will be haters that pick up on the fact that it takes some learning but whenever you picked up your first Smartphone you had a bit of trouble navigating  until you got your bearings.

BB10 has gestures which are similar to the gestures on the PlayBook.  Once you learn how to use it, gestures become second nature.

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  • I guess he’s never heard of a tutorial. So what is this video really saying?… That you buy a product without ever getting a rundown of how to use it?… Apple has a whole store dedicated to showing you how to work a phone, tablet, ect… Same goes for carriers selling this phone. NO buys something they don’t know how to use and if they do, there’s a tutorial!. This is just pathetic iMedia bullshit!

  • I believe this is a video of 5 iphone and android users…which shows just how dumb they really can be 😉