Rogers Canada Get Shipping Notifications on the BlackBerry Z10 in Black

Well those of you that placed a pre-order with Rogers Wireless for the BlackBerry Z10 will be happy to know that the device is en route to your Rogers Authorized Dealer. You should be able to pick up your brand new BlackBerry Z10 in as little as four days. Be aware that you do need to pick it up by the 7th.

Dear __________________,
Great news! Your device is on its way.
We just wanted to let you know that the Blackberry Z10 Black you reserved is on its way to the store in a box with your name on it. At your request, your device is being shipped to:
Rogers Authorized Dealer BC Wireless Solutions
North Vancouver, BC
Shipments should arrive within four days. These are your tracking details so you can confirm when the delivery will arrive at the store:
In some cases, the device will be shipped to one of our distribution partner’s regional warehouses before it gets to your local store. We recommend you wait until you hear from a store representative, who will call you to confirm when it has arrived in store.
Please note: the store will hold your Blackberry Z10 Black until 2/7/2013 on your behalf.
If you do not pick up your device by this time, the store will be free to make the device available to the next customer. Please ensure you bring appropriate identification so they can verify that you are the primary account holder.
The reservation fee of $40.00 + taxes will now be credited back to your Rogers invoice next month.
For questions about the Reservation System, review our FAQs.
We hope you enjoy your new device, thank you for your valued business.

Via: BerryReview

  • kim

    I did get that notice as well as the tracking number. The arrival date shows tomorrow.I am in BC