Sign The Petition To Bring The BlackBerry Z10 To Sprint

It was only a matter of time before we started to see some petitions go up for the America carriers.  This petition is particular to Sprint and the fact that their press release regarding BlackBerry 10 devices only made mention of the BlackBerry Q10.  Sprint seems to have decided not to carry the BlackBerry Z10, which is a real shame in our eyes as it is a great device. 

Obviously the deal that Sprint had to make to carry the iPhone is having an effect on what full touch devices they are going to carry, but hopefully Sprint will eventually bring the BlackBerry Z10 into their lineup.

You can add your name to the petition here.


  • Bob

    Not enough customers have complained to Sprint… and in typical American fashion most are to apathetic to do anything. IF 10,000 Sprint BB customers all spoke up they
    might listen…
    I signed the petition and I also sent Sprint an email explaining that I was 6
    months past due for a phone upgrade, because I was waiting for the Z10 and that at
    some point i would be taking my 3 lines elsewhere.
    Although the email felt like a waste of time, as the reply from Sprint was the typical drivel where you know that no actual person read the email: “we love your business and we are committed to bringing BB 10 to our lineup” Yes Sprint, I know you love my monthly payments and you will at some point in the future probably have a BB10 phone, but what i want is you to be like ATT, Verizon and Tmobile and get the Z10 now!