Clearing Up The Confusion Regarding BIS/BES And BlackBerry 10

There has been  a lot of confusion regarding BlackBerry 10 and whether or not you need a BIS/BES account to use the phone.  Now that the Z10 is in the hands of a lot of people, and officially for sale in the UK, we can now confirm whether or not you will need a BIS or BES account to use a BlackBerry 10 device.

When it comes to consumers who have previously had a BIS account you will be all set and no need to change your plan, unless you are wanting to up your data package as LTE will make the phone fly.  However if you are coming from a iPhone or Android phone you will also be ok to use a BlackBerry 10 device.  It turns out that any type of existing data plan will allow you to fully use your BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

There is one caveat for this and that is if you are on an individual feature plan, or plans with segmented data functions like BBM Social plans, you will not be able to use your existing plan on BlackBerry 10. Also remember that if you are on an older BlackBerry or another older device, you will need to get a micro-SIM card to use in your BlackBerry Z10.

Now if you are on a BES server it turns out that you don’t even need a BES plan on a BlackBerry Z10 to connect to BES10.  If you are using an older BlackBerry device you will still need a BES plan to connect to the BES server.  Basically BlackBerry has made it really easy for enterprise customers to keep their phones as consumer phones and use BlackBerry Balance as the way to keep things separate.

Here is a list simplifying it all (we hope),

  • Yes you can use any smartphone data plan for the Z10 and Q10
  • Yes, a dedicated BlackBerry plan will still work
  • No, you can’t use a feature plan like email only or BBM only
  • Yes, you need a micro SIM card to use in the Z10 or Q10 (or a iPhone 5 nano card in a micro SiM adapter will work too)
  • Yes, BES users still need a BES plan

The whole topic of BIS/BES requirements for BlackBerry 10 has not been communicated all that well.  Hopefully any changes to what we have determined so far will be made clear to users.



  • Thiago K. Galiza

    a little question, if the Z10/Q10 is on BIS or BES they will use APN Blackberry,net as lasted or will traffic at APN from their carrier?