50% Of BlackBerry Z10 Pre-Orders Coming From Non-BlackBerry Users According To CIBC

According to a report from CIBC analysts 50% of the BlackBerry Z10 pre-orders are coming from non-BlackBerry users.  Now there is really no way for use to confirm these numbers, but we have seen  other stories to support this trend.  With Bell Mobility selling out of their white BlackBerry Z10 stock, it does seem that BlackBerry 10 pre-orders are doing well.

If this report is accurate that means that iOS and Android users, as well as feature phone owners, in Canada are looking at returning to/joining the “home-grown” talent.  Adoption of BlackBerry 10 in Canada should come as no surprise, considering BlackBerry has not seen the tremendous drop in market share that it has i the US.  While still in third place, BlackBerry still occupies 27% of the market compared to 6% in the US.

Hopefully the excitement for BlackBerry 10 that we have seen in Canada will be mirrored in the US once the devices are finally available.  With many enterprise customers still debating whether or not to stay with BlackBerry, an uptake in sales will definitely help to bolster any excitement within the enterprise market.