Howard Stern Bad Mouths BlackBerry and Super Bowl Commercial

This morning on the Howard Stern Show on Sirius/XM radio, Howard and Robin commented on the BlackBerry Super Bowl commercial,  calling it the “worst commercial of the night” and a “complete waste of money.” He continued his bad mouthing by calling BlackBerry a “company in denial” including that the “The ad agency and the executive that approved it should be fired on the spot.” Personally I wasn’t over excited about the commercial, but the BlackBerry 10 commercial has remained the number #1 voted commercial during the NFL SuperBowl.

Stern is an avid iSheep fanatic and his views are not true of the company BlackBerry and the company

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  • newshutr

    You may want to reference that I wrote that article and I write for

  • He just lost a long time listener

  • This is the reason I have NEVER listened to him.

  • KES

    Ugh, Howard Stern looks like a hairy toe

  • Brian Hall

    Can you cite the reference to the BB commercial being rated #1?

  • DeadRingser

    I learned two things this morning … Stern is still around, and people with no wisdom still like to shoot their uninformed mouth off 🙂 I feel bad for all the iTwits like him ….

  • John Peters
  • I heard the broadcast as well, I also Sourced: BlackBerryOS