Rogers Sells The Most BlackBerry Z10’s Of Any Other BlackBerry

With reports of strong sales of the Z10 from BlackBerry, it isn’t surprising that Rogers is saying that they are selling lots of them too. This time around it isn’t just that they sold a lot, they’ve sold more of the Z10’s than any other BlackBerry before. So even in their heyday the sales weren’t as good as this time. Earlier today we mentioned that the Z10 is the most successful launch for BlackBerry ever. What a great way to start the next generation of devices. A positive start means that people are still interested in owning a BlackBerry.

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This email was sent to certain subscribers:

– Sold more BlackBerry smartphones on February 5th 2013 than any other day in Rogers history (Rogers was the first carrier to launch BlackBerry services in 1999).

– Rogers BlackBerry experts activated thousands of BlackBerry Z10 smartphones yesterday, and provided customers with in depth training and support.

– Some stores have temporarily sold out of the BlackBerry Z10 and additional inventory has been shipped to Rogers retail locations across Canada.