Case Documentation Points Towards BlackBerry Z10 Charging Dock

There have been rumors about a charging dock for the BlackBerry Z10, and it looks like one will be making its way to retailers at some point.  In the documentation that comes with some of the Z10 cases, there is an image that points towards a charging dock of some kind.

Now there is one issue that we can see with a charging dock, and that is that the micro-USB port for the Z10 is on the side and therefore it will have to a horizontal dock, which is not the end of the world.  As long as the fit and finish is properly done the Z10 charging dock should be an ideal desk or bedside accessory for any Z10 owner.

This also makes us wonder about the Q10, as a horizontal dock is fine for a touchscreen, but a qwerty device will be cumbersome in a dock of this nature.  There does not appear to be any charging contacts on the bottom of the Q10, but perhaps we see them on the final version of the device in the Spring when it is released.

What do all of you think about charging docks?  Is it an accessory that you will want to get? let us know in the comments.


  • If it is a dock with video and data outputs, it could be much more than just a charging dock.

  • @B_ren8

    that would be great to see, although I could see them releasing a charging only dock to start and then a multi-media one a little later.