Rogers Announces New Unlocking And US Roaming Programs

Rogers has announced two new programs today that are sure to make customers happy.  The first one relates to their policy regarding unlocking of devices.  Previously you had to be finished your contract to get your phone unlocked, or have bought it outright and had an account in good standing for 90 days. 

Now you can get your device unlocked as long as you have been a Rogers customer for 90 days, however the unlock will still cost you $50 which is significantly higher than other non-carrier based unlocking solutions.  Also if you have bought your device outright, you can get it unlocked immediately.

The other new program is for those of you that travel to the US.  Rogers is now offering a $7.99 deal that will get you 50MB of data for 24 hours.  Once again it can be cheaper to put a AT&T sim card into an unlocked device, approx. $15 for 200MB or only $5 for the 50MB Rogers is offering.  However that does require you to have an unlocked device and you will need to get to an AT&T store to pick up the sim card. 

All around these are some good steps in the right direction for Rogers, as unlocking and roaming fees have always been a little out there for most Canadian carriers.


Source:Rogers Redboard