BlackBerry Remember helps get things done on your BlackBerry 10 device


I am the type of person that is always looking for new ways to keep track of tasks, lists, etc.  I have switched back and forth between multiple services, but Evernote has always been a key part of my work flow.  With BlackBerry Remember and its integration of Evernote, I think I have finally found the best solution for me.  BlackBerry has decided to shine some more attention on BlackBerry Remember and how it can help anyone get things done in their day.

Here is the little write-up that BlackBerry has put together to show what BlackBerry Remember can do for you, and there is even a nice video afterwards to show you how it works.

The BlackBerry Z10 is the ultimate productivity tool for those that want to get things done. We would like to highlight one feature that helps you organize your interests, ideas and tasks all in one place, in an intuitive manner – BlackBerry Remember. This feature is ideal for managing a busy project, planning your big birthday bash, organizing a family trip, or capturing a brilliant idea before it slips your mind.

BlackBerry Remember is fully integrated throughout your BlackBerry 10 smartphone, so you can take content from anywhere in the device and move it into the app. Copy a link while surfing the internet, assign a photo to a task while viewing your photo album, or flag an important email while in the BlackBerry Hub. Your tasks can even sync with your Outlook calendar.

Managing Tasks and Projects:
· Within the BlackBerry Remember app, create a new folder by tapping “New Folder,” then assign a name.
· Once a folder is created, tasks and items can be added by tapping “New Entry” in the folder.
· In the folder you can add a written note, assign a deadline, add a voice note, attach an image and/or attach a relevant file – all from within the app!
· You can make real time edits to any folder created, perfect for making changes on the move.
· To ensure you are meeting deadlines, simply tap the due date box and see what is coming up. If an entry has already been handled, check it off as complete.

BlackBerry Remember is also integrated with Evernote. The notes and tasks that you create on your device can optionally be synced to your Evernote account, so you can access them anywhere you log in to Evernote. Also, you have access to all the Evernote data that’s already in your account, all from your BlackBerry Z10.

With BlackBerry Remember, you can stay on top of your busy schedule and never forget a thing! We encourage you to take a closer look at BlackBerry Remember and put it to the test.


  • Chandra prabu

    Hi Ren,
    It’s a good article. I am also one of the guy keeping journal under many titles.
    1. Initially, I didn’t set up ever note account. So I wasn’t able to sync the notes with either computer or Evernote and cloud.
    2. Then I contacted BB support forum, they advised to set up ever note. I did too.

    3. From then, I am able to sync “my new journal”….but UNABLE to Sync my existing journals. I am not able to move notes to the “ever note sync” journal.

    As I have a lot, I do not know how to back up. Any help will be appreciated much. Thanks