Goldman Sachs’s Simona Jankowski Makes Chart Of BlackBerry Z10’s Launch Dates And Costs For Each Country

There are still some countries where the Z10 hasn’t launched yet (USA for example), so this info can be taken as an estimate. But you can still see the approximate cost of the phone and the launch date from countries around the world. Simona also goes on to discuss about future sales and how the sales of the Z10 have been fairing thus far.
What she had to say:

We conducted retail checks at nearly 40 stores in the UK, Canada, UAE, and India, to gauge the Z10 launch sales and subsequent demand. Specifically, we asked questions around popularity, sales trajectory, consumer feedback, inventory, and return rate. Based on these, we believe that most stores had a successful launch week, followed by steady demand for the device […] Z10’s pricing around the world implies an ASP of over $500, well above the November quarter’s smartphone ASP of $227 (Exhibit 1). As a result, we expect the Z10 ramp to drive a significant increase to BlackBerry’s ASPs and margins, implying upside to consensus estimates in FY4Q and to a greater extent in the May and August quarters, which include 3 months of shipments globally as opposed to 1 month of shipments in limited regions in FY4Q (Feb).

So once the launches have completed in all major companies, they can go and analyze the numbers for that. I am predicting a positive outcome.