***Updated***Skype (Beta) and BlackBerry Navigation Apps on Soulja Boy’s White BlackBerry Z10


***UPDATE*** After speaking with @BBABrian and @jforce1 on Twitter it appears that the navigation icon I thought was BlackBerry Navigator is actually Google Navigator (Android Port)…

As if we need more confirmation that Skype was headed to BlackBerry 10. Soulja Boy is getting some special love from BlackBerry and Skype as he is currently running a beta version of Skype on his BlackBerry Z10. While looking over the photo above I also noticed that he is also running BlackBerry Navigation. BlackBerry Navigation is currently only available for BlackBerry legacy devices at this time.

I want the Skype Beta and BlackBerry Navigation now!! Let us know what you think in the comments!

Via: CB



  • What do I think? I think “Navigation” is the google maps port that’s openly available to everyone capable of sideloading.