Data Hungry Users now Have 3 Additional Options From AT&T


Today AT&T introduced 3 new tired data plans for their wireless customers in the US using the Mobile Share Data plans.  The plans will allow users to have up to 50GB of data each month. The 3 new plans are as follows:

  • 30 GB of data for $300
  • 40 GB of data for $400
  • 50 GB of data for $500

These plans hit you twice when you move to them because you will also need to pay the $30 fee per smartphone that is on the plan.  Looking at these prices you realize that they are directed towards business customers.  There is a max of 15 devices on the 30 GB plan, 20 devices on the 40 GB plan, and 25 devices on the 50 GB plan.

If a regular consumer purchases these plans they will be limited to only 10 devices on the plan.