BlackBerry reduces the price of the Z10 in India to stay competitive


The BlackBerry Z10 has seen some great sales numbers, this is especially true in India where the device sold out in to days.  In an effort to stay competitive within the smartphone market, BlackBerry has now reduced the price of the BlackBerry Z10 in response to Apple’s price drop on the iPhone5.

Apple reduced the price of the iPhone5 to Rs. 42,990 from the original Rs. 45,990, a week after the launch of the Z10 in India.  BlackBerry decided to remain competitive by dropping the Z10 price down to Rs. 39,990 from the previous Rs. 43,490.

There was a lot of controversy over the price tag of the Z10 in India, and with this new price drop the Z10 is now approx. $740 USD.  So is that price still too high? Or does it fall well within market pricing in India?  The fact that the Z10 continues to sell in India seems to point to the fact that the device is well priced for the market.