PSA: Do NOT Log Out of the Instagram App for the BlackBerry Z10 If you Want to Continue to Use It.


Yesterday Ricky from BerryReview BBMed me to ask me if i was having problems with Instagram (Android port) I said to him not at all, why do you ask? He then sent me an image that showed “Error Your version of Instagram is out of date. Please upgrade your App in the (Google) Play Store to log in to Instagram.” I proceeded to open Instagram on the Z10 and boom its still working…


Image Credit: BBOS

After that conversation I assumed that Instagram was booting people that have logged out of the application itself, I have never logged out of the app so I still have full access to it. Those of you that have logged out will not be able to log back in… No this issue is not just isolated to some people it is effecting a ton of users, Our friends over at BBE even made mention of this issue. So our suggestion to you is DO NOT LOG OUT OF THE APPLICATION IF YOU STILL WANT TO USE IT… If you do you will not be able to get back into the app.

Hopefully this is a sign that Instagram is getting ready to make their app available in BlackBerry World very soon.  We are expecting BlackBerry World to have 100,000 apps in time for the US launch of the Z10, so I am guessing that Instagram wants to be one of those 100,000.

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