Neatly for Twitter Gets a Big Update to v1.2.2.1


F16Apps has released a massive update to their popular Twitter client Neatly. This update brings tons of new options as well as bug fixes and more. Neatly is developed upon tremendously efficient engine to perfectly customize timelines based on your social preferences and interests to make important comes first. Hit the break for the full change log.

Neatly is comprehensively supplied with a list of features that makes you feeling convenient toward the application where you can reach your aspiration level. The more you used Neatly, the more Neatly’s engine learns your social preferences and act much mature.


  • Post Tweet in background
  • Pull to refresh
  • Show the tweet you are replying to in the post tweet view
  • UI improvments and changes
  • Fixed problem when sometimes Arabic text appears as (???????)
  • Coloring hash tags mentions and URLs in the timeline and Tweet view
  • “New Tweets: counter is now persistent
    • tap on it to skip all and go to top
    • the “to top” button is :to unread: if there is any new tweet
  • Choose a user to post with from the Post tweet view without switching user.
  • All new topics engine
  • Switching theme
  • More notification options
  • Performance improvments
  • Bug fixes

Head on over to BlackBerry World for the update.