BlackBerry Application Resource Monitor Updated to v2.0.0.45


BlackBerry has released an update to their Application Resource Monitor. This update takes the version to and it is currently available in BlackBerry World for free. Application Resource Monitor will help your device run as smooth and as long as possible. It identifies open applications and resource constraints that contribute to battery drain or the slowdown of your device and automatically takes the best course of action to fix them.

It contains three main features:

Application Monitoring – ARM monitors third-party applications for device resource abuse and automatically closes offending applications. It only monitors applications that are not in the user’s focus (running in background, or when the display backlight is turned off. Users are notified of applications via the Today view notification banner. Options exist to disable automatic closing of applications as well as ignore specific applications.

Memory Fragmentation Monitoring – This new feature will monitor the percentage of flash no longer available for system use due to memory fragmentation. When device memory becomes badly fragmented, it could lead to a degraded user experience (such as the dreaded ‘hour-glassing’) . The feature will automatically take preventative action at a pre-defined time by default. Options exist to disable detection, change the timing of detection, and to disable automatic recovery.

Low Memory Monitoring – This new feature that will monitor the available free memory on the device. When free memory gets low, it could lead to a degraded user experience (such as the dreaded ‘hour-glassing’). Many reasons can contribute to the device becoming low on memory, but when this occurs, this new feature will prompt the user to either restart the device or close the offending application that is consuming too much memory. An option exists to disable detection.

Application Resource Monitor is available for BlackBerry 7.1 only
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