Review: Charging Bundle for the BlackBerry Z10


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Everyone that has a smartphone at one time or another has ran out of juice, I know it has happened to me on more then one occasion. Well ever since I got my BlackBerry Bold 9900 I have always kept spare batteries around for that time when I run out of juice. To combat killing the battery I invested in the charging bundle for the Bold 9900. This charging bundle saved my butt. So I decided to purchase the charging bundle for the BlackBerry Z10.

The stock 1800 mAh battery lasts about 8 hours for me so that means I am recharging around 2 PM everyday… Charging my Z10 in mid day is really not an option for me since I have to constantly run around the office. It is this reason I always carry a spare battery or two or three.

The charging bundle for the BlackBerry Z10 is amazing to say the least. The main difference between the charging bundle for the Bold 9900 and the BlackBerry Z10 is the fact the Z10 will let you charge on the go or just simply swap the battery with the dead one in the device. As you can see in the above video it is simple plug and play so to speak. You just plug the charging bundle into the Z10 press the button on the spare battery and presto your Z10 is charging.

With both batteries being 1800 mAh you can only get one full charge out of the bundle while on the go, but because it is so small and self contained it is convenient and not really a hassle to re charge. You can pick up the Battery Charger Bundle for the BlackBerry Z10 from Shop BlackBerry for $49.99 or search on Amazon as we did and find it a bit cheaper (we paid $47.99 with free shipping). The Charging bundle on Shop BlackBerry has been in and out of stock for the longest time so your best bet may be to find it on Amazon or eBay if you can’t wait for it to be available from BlackBerry.

Let us know what you think of the charging bundle in the comments.