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The Q5 Gets Checked Out By Global Certification Forum

The BlackBerry Q5 is going to launch soonish, but it must pass a few tests first. Just today it went through the Global Certification Forum. Something of note, it lists SQR100-2 variation supporting LTE (3, 7, 20), HSPA+ (1, 2, 5/6, 8) and Quad band GSM. Even though it’s the lesser of the two keyboard […]

BlackBerry Teams Up With AngelHack For Challenge, There’s A $10,000 Grand Prize

BlackBerry and AngelHack have partnered up for BlackBerry-AngelHack Start-Up Asia Pacific Challenge in Malaysia. AngelHack is a hackathon host. Teams will register for the Challenge, and within 30 days of attending the event they have to create a prototype app for BlackBerry 10 or the Playbook. The two members of the winning teams get to […]

Fido Coming To The Maritimes, BlackBerries Will Be Available

Fido is expanding their service to the Maritime provinces. And with Fido expanding, they bring all their devices, including the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10. It is slated to happen this spring… which will be over in 20 days. So, very soon. And then there will be an upgrade to LTE by the end of this […]

ColorWare now Customizing the BlackBerry Q10

It was only a matter of time before custom options started to show up for the new BlackBerry 10 phones.  ColorWare just announced that they are now going to offer custom color options to end users.  The only option available right now is a customized device option that will set you back $1100 for your […]

BlackBerry has upped its component purchases from Taiwanese suppliers!

In an article this morning from Seeking Alpha, it appears that BlackBerry has upped its component purchases from Taiwanese suppliers. This increase is thanks to strong BlackBerry 10 sales. Below is the information from Seeking Alpha. BlackBerry (BBRY) has upped its component purchases from Taiwanese suppliers thanks to strong BB10 sales, supply chain sources tell […]

NimBuzz releases a new app for legacy BlackBerry devices

NimBuzz has released a new updated application for BlackBerry legacy devices. This updated version is said to be the fastest version today. Nimbuzz Messenger combines the power of internet and smart phone messenger into one, and lets you send unlimited chat messages and share files (pictures/videos) on any mobile device across popular messengers. Nimbuzz Messenger […]

Story Maker Video: F1 Mercedes-Benz W 196 meets W 02 at Silverstone

  The above video was made using Story Maker on the BlackBerry Q10 and it shows just how much Formula 1 cars have changed between 1954 and 2011 as the Mercedes-Benz W 196 meets the 2011 W 02. Watch out for the Roman numerals on the gear lever… Let us know in the comments what […] At Bat 2013 On sale for $14.99

MLB Advanced Media, LP has put At Bat 2013 on sale in BlackBerry World for only $14.99 the normal cost of the application is $19.99. The #1 source for live baseball, At Bat 13, is the official app of Major League Baseball and is live baseball – every pitch from every at bat […]

Koodo Self Serve for BlackBerry 10 Now Available

Koodo Mobile has released their Koodo Self Serve application for BlackBerry 10 into BlackBerry World. The applcation helps you monitor data text or voice usage and much more. The app does not support prepaid accounts at this time. Introducing Koodo Self Serve, an easy-to-use app that lets you manage your account from your phone: Monitor […]

If the BlackBerry 10 user base grows Google will build BlackBerry 10 apps

Those of us that us BlackBerry 10 devices have longed for certain Google applications on our devices such as Google Maps, Google Now, Google+, Google Music and the other Google apps that are currently available. Currently Google only supports Android and iOS at this time. Speaking at D11, Sundar Pichai, Google’s SVP of Android, Chrome, […] client Blue now available for BlackBerry 10

While hasn’t reached the popularity levels that Twitter, it is still a great social network that contains some extra features.  I have been waiting for a quality client to make its way to BlackBerry 10, and today we finally have one in Blue. Blue provides you with all the needed functions, such as […]

Angry Birds Space now available for BlackBerry 10

If you have finished all the levels in Angry Birds Star Wars and have been itching for some new bird tossing fun on your BlackBerry 10 device, then you may want to check out Angry Birds Space.  The latest bird tossing fun from Rovio is now available in BlackBerry World for only $0.99.  This game […]

Project Green Screen’s Two Scoops now available for your viewing pleasure

Director Robert Rodriguez has been working hard on his short film Two Scoops as part of the Keep Moving Projects.  With the help of BlackBerry fans around the world Rodriguez has now completed the short film and it is available for your viewing pleasure. The film follows two sisters as they set out on a […]

Videotron and Rogers sign 20 year Agreement

Larger carriers are always looking for ways to improve their footprint for their customers and one way to do so is to partner with the local carriers for roaming agreements in areas that they are not very strong. Rogers just did the exact thing by partnering with Videotron,  they have signed a 20 year deal […]

Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Z10 Model STL100-2/3/4

Just yesterday we saw OS for the BlackBerry Z10 Model STL100-1 leak out. Well late yesterday that very same OS was leaked for the BlackBerry Z10 Models STL100-2/3/4. According to the leaked forum post: “This is NOT a leak; was officially released on some Romanian carrier for STL100-2 (STL100-2 OSes seem to work […]

Cut The Rope for BlackBerry 10 Updated – Adds Support for the Q10

When we saw Cut The Rope released for BlackBerry 10, we were unsure if ZeptoLab was going to bring it to the BlackBerry Q10. Well now we know that ZeptoLab has indeed brought Cut The Rope to the BlackBerry Q10 in it’s latest update. The little monster Om Nom is hungry and the only thing […]

Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Q10 Pre-orders Starting Tomorrow!?

So T-Mobile has officially announced that they will indeed be offering the new BlackBerry Q10 with its availability begging on June 5. Being the first of the four US carriers many have begun to ask just as to when BIG Red will be offing presales?? Well according to this leaked image from the N4BB team, the device has been […]

Verizon Confirms Advanced Wireless Services, Includes BlackBerry Device

Verizon is going to support AWS soon, and only 7 devices have made the list so far. Which BlackBerry made it? The Q10, the Z10 isn’t mentioned. Laptop Mag actually has the details regarding the full list of devices. AWS is being planned to launched later this year. Having AWS will make internet speeds faster, […]

The Top 5 Things You Should Know about the New BlackBerry Q10

The all new BlackBerry Q10 is short to be released soon in the US, and along with the awesomeness of BlackBerry all incased in the iconic BlackBerry design full QWERTY version, there are a few things that you should know before you pick yours up. The keyboard is bigger and better. The BlackBerry Q10 features a straight keyboard design, and is […]

Bidding Starts at $3000 For 24ct Gold Plated BlackBerry Q10

Got $3000 to spare? Like gold and BlackBerries? Someone on ebay has listed a gold plated Q10 for $3000. Selling out of Saskatoon, so far the listing has no bids. Currently there is only 5 hours left on the listing.