New Images of the elusive BlackBerry Multimedia Dock

We just received these great photos that show off the BlackBerry Multimedia Dock! As you can see in the images here on this article this is in fact the OEM dock for the BlackBerry Z10. The dock itself offers two ports on the back one to charge the BlackBerry Z10 and the other is the HDMI output. The email we received stated the dock feels slightly rubberized along with a high gloss slot for the BlackBerry Z10 to slip in and out of it.

Rumor has it the dock will never see the light of day as the BlackBerry Z10 homescreen will not adjust to landscape while in the dock. Now that said if I could get my hands on one of theses bad boys you bet your butt I would use it to the fullest. What about you would you use a dock even if it did not translate into landscape? Check out the images below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Thanks tipster for sending these great images into us!!

  • Dana

    If it won’t go into landscape what’s the purpose of it??

  • sirknight

    It’s just the main screen that doesn’t do landscape. The clock, hub and video and all that do landscape fine.

  • mavricxx

    BlackBerry will lie to us again, as they did with the PlayBook dock that had leaked with built in HDMI and full sized USB ports so don’t get your hopes up.

  • Conception

    If it will do landscape with tweaking then that’s a big hint the PlayBook will get BB 10. And it goes both ways too…no landscape on the dock with the Z10 = no PlayBook update in my opinion. I mean, this landscape, portrait issue is a bigger issue that seems to be the Achilles heel of this OS along with scaling to different resolutions.

  • paulka

    Hey i saw some docks for the z10 with full hdmi out ports on ebay! And BBOS 10.3 will have landscape mode, so, akes tje dock super attractive.

    any news on a dock for z30?