Devs: No Worries, All BlackBerry Q10 Apps Will Run on the BlackBerry Q5


The BlackBerry Q5 is going to be available in soon in the select Global Markets. Applications that devs and you have ported over to BlackBerry 10 are being used and love by all BlackBerry users alike, note that if you or BlackBerry has updated your applications, to the new resolutions, of that of the BlackBerry Q10 there is no work required for support for the BlackBerry Q5. BlackBerry has been working hard for you and all preexisting Q10 applications will be ready for use on the new BlackBerry Q5 full QWERTY device.

We have great news for developers who have apps that currently support the BlackBerry Q10. If your app supports the BlackBerry Q10, then it will also function on the BlackBerry Q5. No additional development work is required.

                    The BlackBerry Q5 is currently available in the BlackBerry World Vendor Portal for selection as a supported device. For your added convenience, if your app supported the BlackBerry Q10, we have automatically expanded your device support to include the BlackBerry Q5.

                    In the unlikely event that you wish to remove BlackBerry Q5 as a supported device, you can log into the vendor portal and uncheck the Q5 as one of the supported devices

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Our very own NerdBerry NB10 application is ready for the BlackBerry Q5 You can download NB10 for FREE in BlackBerry World, please remember  to leave a review in BlackBerry World!