BeBuzz 10 Pro Updated with lots of fixes and additions

BeBuzz 10 Pro has just received a huge update adding support for WhatsApp on OS 10.1 and much much more.BeBuzz lets your take full control of your BlackBerry 10 front notification LED! Green for e-mails from your your boss, yellow for new messages on WhatsApp, blue for BBM messages and “fast disco” for all your Twitter messages.

Finally available for BlackBerry 10, BeBuzz is the most feature packed and user friendly LED notifier app. Only BeBuzz adds unique features like Repeating Audible Notifiers, On-Screen Popup Notifiers, Text-to-Speech and Customizable Vibrate.

What’s new?

  • Added support for WhatsApp (OS has separate section in Hub)
  • Added Support for Blaq 1.1 (New tweets, new mentions and per contact Twitter messages)
  • Added Support for BeWeather 10 Pro (LED, sound, popup and text-to-speach for weather alerts)
  • Added single notification for all 3rd party apps (like Skype) the post to the Hub notifications section (OS 10.1)
  • Improved Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn support reliability (OS 10.1)
  • BeBuzz now uses the native device theme (Bright on the Z10, dark on the Q10
  • Fixed BlackBerry Messenger notifications when an outgoing message has been read
  • BlackBerry Messenger notifications now work whether the device is locked or unlocked (OS 10.1)
  • Added support for switching BeBuzz into silent mode
  • Added support for adding homescreen shortcuts to switch BeBuzz into-out of silent mode
  • Showing indicator in active frame/in App when silent mode, sleep time or bedside mode is active
  • Added option to automatically sync e-mail accounts on specified interval in addition to on Hub enter/exit
  • Sound/vibration are now being silenced while on a phone call
  • Improved screen use on Q10
  • Added option to clear notification when opening any app

Head on over to BlackBerry World for the update.