Neutron Music Player for BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook updated – adds support for Active Frames and much more

If you are really into music then you most likely don’t like or use the standard music app on your smartphones.  For BlackBerry 10 there are a few options, however one of the better ones is NeutronMusic Player.  It gives you tons of control over the music you are listening to, and it provides a really nice UI as well.

Neutron Music Player received an update today that adds support for Active Frames amongst a long list of other features and fixes.  Here is the full changelog for this update.

  • Support BB10 Active Frame: tags + album art
  • Ability to edit position of track in playlist (M3U only): long-press track in playlist-POSITION
  • Settings- Replay Gain: GAIN W/O ‘RG’ option to apply RG gain
  • Unknown artsist/album are shown in Database listg as -/-.
  • Allow IPv6 address for SMB/CIFS
  • Allow IP:PORT notation for SMB/CIFS address
  • Trry resolving absolute Windows path (with drive letter) to relative path in playlists
  • Added Sleep Timer to Settings
  • Faster cold-start
  • Autoscroll lists (demo)when they become visible (disable: Settings-UI- DEMO LIST)
  • Expand range of UI – LIST DAMPING setting
  • Increase max scrolling speed for lists
  • Display External SD in a pretty way
  • Fixed tags displayed in Clock screen when the sleep timer is on and i-radio is playing
  • Fixed look-up field not appearing correctly in landscape mode
  • Fixed audio core could be silenced completely with abnormally high Replay gain.
  • Fixed long-press could be invoked occasionally
  • Fixed mispositioned UI elements after UI-FULLSCREEN modified
  • Fixed genre is ot correctly detected if genre string contained leading number, like ’90s’
  • Fixed metadata could not be updated for streaming entry in specific situation
  • Fixed possible UI elements misplacement on tabs with toolbar always visible
  • Fixed FLAC decoder could crash process due to a broken audio stream (too many log messages)
  • Fixed unicode range not detected ‘CJK Symbols and Punctuation resulting in missing symbols

You can pick up Neutron for $4.99 from within BlackBerry World, which is a pretty good price for what you will get from the app.  If you already have Neutron installed on your BlackBerry 10 device, make sure you get it updated to take advantage of all the new features.