BlackBerry 10.2 brings Android Hardware Acceleration

When BlackBerry 10 devices first launched we were all very aware that it was utilizing the Android 2.3.3 Runtime, or Gingerbread for those familiar with the names.  However there were promises from BlackBerry that an updated Android Runtime, Android 4.2 or Jelly Bean, would be arriving sometime this summer.  Now that we have seen the BlackBerry 10.2 SDK get released, we are getting more excited about seeing this update.

The hardware acceleration that Jelly Bean will bring to the Android Runtime will help make Android ports run that much smoother, as well as provide a more current UI.  This update should quell some of the critics of Android ports coming to BlackBerry 10, as many people have sworn off of Android ports.  Now what is more interesting is that yesterday and today CrackBerry has posted a few articles that reveal how well pretty much any Android app can be ported over to BlackBerry 10.  Basically what they were able to discover is that Android ports will run using native Android code and not simply the Dalvik JVM.

With this new method of porting, and the fact that it seems apps will run off of native Android code, apps that previously wouldn’t run at all on BB10 will now run smoothly without any noticeable lag or stuttering.  This is a very interesting development and it begs the question as to what kinds of restrictions will still be in play when the Android Runtime is updated?  And why BlackBerry hasn’t been more aggressive with developers letting them know that BB10 will in fact use some portion of native Android code.


Via:Berryreview, CrackBerry