Is BlackBerry 10 doing well in Canada, the UK and South Africa?

We are quickly approaching the Q1 earnings from BlackBerry on June 28th, and we are expecting to see some good numbers for BlackBerry 10 sales.  There have been the usual critics that don’t believe that the Z10 and Q10 are doing that well, however there have been some good reports coming from Canada the UK and Africa, who were amongst the first to launch BB10 devices.

StatCounter Global has done some studies and found that BlackBerry has been doing better than some would have thought.  In Canada BlackBerry has surpassed Android and taken second spot to iOS with an approx. 30% market share.  In the UK, BlackBerry has held onto third spot with 18% market share.

We all know that BlackBerry has made it very clear that emerging markets are important, and the numbers coming out of South Africa and showing how important they are.  BlackBerry has remained as the top mobile platform in South Africa with a 40% market share.

While we don’t really know how well BlackBerry 10 has been doing in the US, we are expecting that it will remain in third or fourth position with a lower market share than we have seen in this other countries.  Hopefully June 28th will bring some surprising numbers for US sales, and we will see some of the analysts and critics disproven.