Viber CEO says BlackBerry 10 app likely to come with OS 10.2 release

Not too long after BlackBerry 10 was released, Viber made it clear that they were going to be releasing an app for the new platform.  Well today there is some new news as to when the app with full VoIP capabilities will be released.  Viber CEO made a comment to TruTower, that the Viber app would most likely be released “hand in hand” with the release of BlackBerry 10.2.

We’re always looking at more platforms. At the same time, Viber is a small company, so adding these is not easy. Viber will soon be available for BB10 (likely hand in hand with the release of BB 10.2). And yeah, you heard about it first!

Hopefully we will see Viber come to BlackBerry 1o shortly, which of course also means we would be seeing 10.2 shortly as well.