@Pootermobile Takes on BlackBerry OS 10.2 with Concepts Videos and Images

We are all anticipating what new features are to come about in BlackBerry OS 10.2, no significant details have come about other than, priority contacts and maybe headless application support i.e. running applications in the background without active frames. The World of Pootermobile has taken a few of their own ideas and included them into some nice BlackBerry 10.2 concept definitely worth checking out

Homescreen Quick Settings

This is how the user would be able to customize the shortcuts that appear on the Homescreen Quick Settings. Simply tap and hold then move the shortcut to whatever place desired. You would also be able to choose what shortcuts appear on the dropdown Quick Settings by checking or un-checking the box next to the shortcut.

Homescreen Bottom Bar Concept

For this concept the idea is for the bottom bar icons to be user customizable. Simply tap and hold any application icon, once the icon is pulsing drag and drop it into the desired spot on the bottom bar.

Lockscreen Concept

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