Hotel Quickly App Launches For BlackBerry 10

hotel quickly
Hotel Quickly is now available for BlackBerry 10. It allows you to find and book hotels fast. It is exclusive to Asia, but if you wanted to take a trip there, it would be worth looking into. Because who doesn’t want to save money on hotels? You can find out info on the hotel within the app and also know how much it costs and how much you are saving. Prices are displayed in USD.


✔ Exclusive LOW PRICES, guaranteed.

✔ Same-day bookings until 4am.

✔ The BEST hotels, handpicked by us.

✔ Up to 6 deals in each city each night.
With Hotel Quickly you can save money on any same-day hotel booking you make ◆◆◆ If you miss your flight or need to work late, you can stay somewhere luxurious at a big discount on the best prices you’ll find online ◆◆◆ We negotiate with hotels one by one, in order to get you the best rates each night.

Get the free app from BlackBerry World.