Check out Action Pad for BlackBerry 10

S4BB Limited has released Action Pad, Memo Manager for Professionals for BlackBerry 10! ActionPad is a replacement application for the original MemoPad. It provides quick access to memos for boosting your productivity and memo encryption to ensure security.

We released an update for Action Pad! The app is now a native BlackBerry® 10 application, bringing you the features you loved on your BlackBerry® OS device, like content search, fast category switching and more! With the ability to synchronize your memos with Microsoft® Exchange (Outlook) and Evernote, Action Pad is the perfect application to keep track of your daily appointments!

Manage your memos professionally with Action Pad for BlackBerry® 10!

Action Pad is compatible with BlackBerry® 10 & BlackBerry® OS 4.6 and up!

PS.: The update is free for all existing Action Pad owners!

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