ReadItNow Gets Updated And Built For BlackBerry Certified

ReadItNow is now at v6.0. ReadItNow is like Pocket for Android. If you find an article, video, really almost any kind of webpage, you can save it and read it later. It’s like a bookmarked page that’s been transferred to the app. You don’t have to click through a bunch of bookmarks. You can just go to the app and see a list of what you have saved. Best part is that you can read it all offline. The app was recoded in Cascades and is now Built for BlackBerry certified. It doesn’t look any different but runs faster and smoother.

What’s in the update?

App has been completely re-written as native
Full text search
Support for Z30
​Built for BlackBerry certified
Performance upgrades
Smoother user interface
New Active Frame layout

If you already have the app, it is recommended to uninstall and then reinstall it again. This is because the update will sync your articles again to your device and thus use data again. Download the app for $1.99 from BlackBerry World.