WhatsApp Has More Security Problems, A Sign That More People Should Have BBM

A few weeks back, we told you about WhatsApp being hacked. The problem was quickly fixed at the time. Now it seems that they are having more problems.

What’s happening now? It appears that even if you die, your WhatsApp account with show activity without you! How is that? Because the phone number is what links to your WhatsApp, anyone with your phone number could use the same account. If I got a new phone number and someone was assigned my phone number, they could easily get into my WhatsApp.

Online security expert Graham Cluley said: ‘It’s clearly very distressing for the friends and family of someone who has passed away to suddenly see them apparently “alive and active” on WhatsApp.’

He suggested it would be better if the app required a password or email address when users register ‘rather than just asking for a second-hand phone number’.

Mr Cluley added: ‘WhatsApp has become immensely successful in a very short time, and a serious of security and privacy scares make me feel that the service is attempting to run when it’s barely learnt how to walk.’

With BBM you have a unique PIN code. That adds an additional needed step so that someone else can’t easily use your account. A! point in favor of BBM! For WhatsApp maybe creating a code that isn’t associated with a phone number, only you, would add that extra security.