BBM Channels to leave beta soon! – BBM Video and Voice calling headed to iOS and Android in a few months

As if we did not know this was coming… BBM will be leaving the beta stage shortly and video and voice calling will be coming to iOS and Android “within months”, this according to Andrew Bocking, EVP of BBM at BlackBerry. Mr. Bocking was on CBC’s The Morning Edition when he stated“we have other ideas on how to monetize the service.” I have been talking to some of my sources and We have been informed that additional service such as BBM video and channels could be offered to iOS and Android users as a paid subscription. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


Via: MobileSyrup

  • king125

    nobody would pay for videos or channels. From info I’ve gathered to begin the main way they will be monetizing BBM is through sponsored channels and ads since they have recently had job ads up for sales director of BBM channels in the UK