Talk2Watch Is BlackBerry 10’s App For The Pebble Watch

The Pebble Watch has apps for every OS but BlackBerry 10. The developer of Talk2Watch made the app to make up for that! It’s a brand new app with a bunch of features. You can control the music, get notifications and more. BBM is not yet one of the notification features.


Music Control
– increase/decrease volume, play/pause (single button press)
– previous/next track, start/stop (double button press)

– Phone calls (limitation: cannot display information about the callers id and number)
– Emails
– Calendar events
– TCP/UDP messages

Social Media
– Facebook: receive chat messages (with optional friend filter)
– Twitter: receive direct messages and tweets

Use the app as an easy interface for sending messages to the watch from your own applications

RSSI Warnings
The device will check the signal strength to the watch and will send a warning if it drops below a (selectable) minimal value. This can be seen as a warning that you might have forgotten your phone somewhere

TCP/UDP Scripts
– use the buttons of the music app on the watch to generate a trigger sequence which will then run a previously defined script sending commands to a server
– usecase: automation

Get the free app from BlackBerry World.


  • FSLMobile

    Great app, exchange email are not working( as for the 2 other pebble apps available on BB10 ), but this app is the most advance at day. The forgot phone functionnality is great idea too.
    Waiting for httpebble to get a few other skins of the watch working.

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