iGrann Launches Release Candidate 2 for BlackBerry 10

If you have been following iGrann the native Instagram client for BlackBerry 10, you will be happy to know that they have released an update to the application taking us to RC 2 or release candidate 2/beta 7. This update bringes a ton of fixes and improvements to the application itself. Just last week we saw RC 1 release for BlackBerry 10, so it is great to see them hard at work on the app!

What’s new?

  • Issues when liking/unliking (Fixed)
  • Empty list mode in profile (Fixed)
  • reGrann does not work (Fixed)
  • Empty followers/followin (Fixed)
  • Issue with image in news (Fixed)
  • Notifications do not work (Fixed)
  • HTML code in news (Fixed)
  • Special chars issue when logging, commenting and uploading (Fixed)
  • Custom location for uploads
  • Active Frame restarts to zero (Fixed)
  • Refresh shortcut does not work (Fixed)
  • Profile is not opened when is tapped on a tagged user (Fixed)
  • Use Foursquare API instead of app (Implemented)
  • Active frame for 720×720 improved (Implemented)
  • Open user profile when tag is tapped (Implemented)
  • Ignore user request (Implemented)
  • Clean cache on app close (Implemented)
  • Request confirmation when unfollowing (Implemented)
  • Modern view for media page (Implemented)
  • Hide shortcut in media page (Implemented)
  • Background changed in suggestion list (Implemented)
  • Delete comment (Implemented)
  • And more…

Download RC2 here.