Watch Superbowl XLVIII on your BlackBerry (Verizon)

No, that wasn’t a typo and to clarify matters I’ll say it again:

Watch Superbowl XLVIII from your BlackBerry (Verizon)… Yeah!

I had to read it a few times to ensure I wasn’t imagining things. I remember seeing the NFL app toward the end of last year, it’s a fantastic app that allows it’s user to check up-to-the-minute scores, watch video highlights during the game, pick a favorite team (and receive updates regarding that team), check rosters, stats, schedules and more

But Wait!
Verizon Customers can access a premium feature that will allow them to stream Live NFL Games on their BlackBerry 10 Device (Time to crack out that Micro HDMI cable?) for a small subscription of 5$ USD per month!

FIVE! where you would normally spend 4 if not 5 times as much to watch live!

Being in Ireland I am very very very jealous! but thanks to the NFL Mobile app I can watch the highlights for free and I’ll just subscribe to ESPN for the full game.

NFL Mobile is supported worldwide on all carriers but is limited on devices…
Supported Devices for the NFL Mobile app are:
Porsche P9982

Head on over to BlackBerry World to Download NFL Mobile